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How to Buy from Auction

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RightDeposit for bidding

When you decide to start bidding on cars from the auction, we ask you to place the deposit. The deposit is JPY 100,000- per car.
If car price would be under JPY 1,000,000-, the deposit is JPY 100,000.
If car price would be JPY 1,010,000~1,500,000-, the deposit is JPY 200,000.
If car price would be JPY 1,510,000~2,000,000-, the deposit is JPY 300,000.
If car price would be above JPY 2,010,000-, the deposit is JPY 500,000.
This deposit is refundable anytime before the bidding is succeeded.
*Bank charges on both side will be deducted.

Note : To buy from any vehicle from auction, please send deposit US$1000.- before any bidding.


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